Wednesday, May 7, 2008

& The final wrap up picture gallery...

Big pictures here;

Sales info was updated a tad too here;

Aaaaaand "bitty bosco" (in his large prototype at least) has been coming along very well. Perhaps in the next few weeks I'll be sending him out to be scanned & shrunk. It's an expensive process though and the right up front work will save me time afterwards (which also equals money to me in a very tangible way these days) . I'll definitely post comparative pics here when ready. :) Meanwhile I've been working very hard night and day so I probably won't post as many little updates.

I suppose I should add mention that Hazel's sales are chugging along wonderfully for the economy and mold #1 only has about 5 castings left. That really is a "wow!" to me! Basically I see that as a small miracle and I really want to add here that I am so supremely grateful to these buyers; I thank my lucky stars a lot. I know quite a few artists who are selling out small #s relatively fast but even a whole single mold of 50 is hard to sell these days given the economy. & Some really amazing painters (ok, imo the hobby's most "sought after ones!" woo hoo!) have ordered her too (some already have their copies by now). :) Sooo I hope to be sharing more galleries in the nearish future as well.

Doing a happy dance today. :D

That's it for now!

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