Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mare update so far..

I only got away from the farm for a few hours yesterday when my boyfriend was able to watch. And even then he spied mare laying down (but not sleeping) so I had to trot off to go do more mare staring.

Mare is def going downhill. I asked the owner to check her throughout the night. Yesterday I just didn't like her demenor all day and while there was evidence that she had further bowel movements, just didn't like the signs there either. Anyhow, owner spent the night there and this am her mare's appetite is gone entirely almost so vet is coming soon. Finally she (someone - ANYONE! Shocked ) witnessed the mare actually passing manure but it was very firm. -sighs-

So she has gone from the diarrhea that preceded her reaction to that. Had gut sounds when I last listened at least. Let's hope her system starts to straighten itself out today.

Of all the colic types I've been unfortunate enough to witness, the ones that go in and out of it vaguely (interested in food, then not, then again), that tend to be impaction related are the most concerning to me. Only horse I've ever seen having a colic that turned fatal was impaction. His was complicated by bowel intolerances though (he'd already had segments of his bowel surgically removed IIRC). I'm trying to remain optimistic here. She's got to get over this hurdle of the cramping up and get regular about her eating soon.

She isn't going to be "right" for a long time. Jingle for her please.

I could use the rest from my intensive watching. I'm tired too.

***in OTHER news***
Someone sent me links to a couple of DKL's show photos. I spied some dinky dukes on the champ callback table I think. Yay for them!

Hazel had her own hard time this week however. She sustained some scratches and an earbreak (actually it stuck in the shipping case). Poor Heather R! She was SO sweetly worried about it. I told her that Hazel was about the last mare I was worried about at the moment. She's an easily repairable mare and has no owner currently to fret. Haven't heard back (Heather was a co-showholder so I didn't expect to!), but maybe she found an artist to do touch ups. In either case, I told her just go ahead and put her out for folks to see, scratched barrel and missing ear and all and to stop worrying please! Hopefully she (Heather) had a good time in the end. Gads does it make me feel bad when people worry on my behalf. Broken resins that aren't owned and doted on by anyone are the last of my worries! lol! ;)

*****ADDING ON: Mare update later AM*******

Vet came and didn't find much other than the extreme soreness. So she's treating w/banamine to see if this helps. Less than an hour later it seems to be helping. Mare hadn't stopped drinking altogether so hopefully by grazing/eating more she'll start to recoup her strength and overcome the muscle pain.

******ADDING ON TUES EVE*******
Owner gave me this "the serial number on the vaccine is 1822127B"
& She reported that Fort Dodge is nice enough (snorts) to pay vet costs when this happens.. uh so I guess FYI to the anyone in the same situation that that's worth following through on.

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