Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Weekend Winner update for May 17th and 18th (NWC and AHL)

Ok, I’m going to start giving shouts out & picture updates to “Winners” in my blog. It’ll help me later when updating the winners photos my galleries too, aside from (hey!) :D just being a fun way to congratulate peeps! I’m making this announcement JUST THIS ONCE but after that, don’t worry, I’ll keep the updates simply to my blog and perhaps MH$P but I won’t pepper the bulletin boards and my yahoogroup with notice of every little ribbon. Cuz that sure would be tiresome, eh? ;)

Soooo if you have a winner (going forward only please!), please give me a shout after the show ( morgen@one-horse.net ).

More than a few sculptors and painters that I know always say that they are very rarely aware that their work even won anything. So I’m hoping that this way too, perhaps some painters can learn of the wins as well. :) It’s always a bit of creative encouragement to hear that our works are out in the world earning their keep!

Weekend update for May 17th and 18th

North West Congress (NWC)

Reporting on “Hazel train” wins!

Just heard this afternoon back from Mel Miller who my proxied ‘Hazel’ that she held her own out there in WA. I can't tell you how tickled I am about this! I spent some time Sunday scouring NWC show albums and saw some absolutely astounding horses so the word must be true that it’s tough competition. I really wasn’t expecting much and when I didn’t hear anything I was thinking “mmm yeah well it was too much to expect anyhow”. HOWEVER, I’m over the moon to learn she actually got a NAN card (2nd place) in a breed class! Mel described it as “quality competition” in a class that had to be split by color. And in the workmanship “bay” class (apparently FOUR TABLES of horses – my jaw dropped at hearing that!), she got a 6th place. Honestly I think that was far too generous. I saw the competition. I think Mel is just pulling my leg. ;) So stats there are:

  • Artist Resin Sport Part Bred / Other Pure [split] (judge Diana Patterson) 2nd
  • And Artist Resin Bay (judge Robin Lee) 6th

Liz (Arabian Acres) reports that the Flitwick [edit add in!] owned by Barb Ness, “Freckles” took Res Mini AR Division Champion! Congrats Liz!

American Heartland Live

Congrats to Becky Henson who’s Traditional Deputed Duke “Gold Keeper” painted by Cathy Wallden took
  • Artist Resin Champion Sport
  • Overall Reserve Grand Artist Resin

a special thank you to Dot Coffman for the photo and especially for locating the owner for me! (hugs!) :) This is primarily the reason I never get pictures to my winners galleries when I do see or hear of them. Thanks Dot!

Another proxier at AHL, Diana Parker, reported on two artist’s proofs owned by Leesa Miller.
Diana said “They won against the big boys!”

One is artist’s proof Flitwick “Flick and Swish” who got a division champ

And dinky duke artist’s proof “Descartes

Congrats Leesa and thank you so very much Diana!!! :)

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