Monday, May 26, 2008

Weekend update

Well obviously the weekend wrap up wouldn’t be complete without a status update of my boarder. She’s “ok” right now. She still needs pain relief for her muscles and shortly after every shot of banamine she’s eating voraciously for a bit. It’s been stressful and I haven’t been online much. Sat night her owner spent the night. Sunday night we camped out there (we’d actually planned to camp in a state park but they were probably full of families and noise anyhow so it was quite nice in the back field by the stream).

So that’s that for now. Her appetite and energy level comes and goes. I worry.

Weekend update for May 25th

Devilish Kokopelli Live, Golden CO (DKL)

Obviously I have not been really concerned with resins all weekend. Lol! I did finally chat with Heather R who was Hazel’s proxier and assure her it was most definitely “my bad” with the hastily made carrying case and the tight fit (because I don’t want it to cost me a fortune, or $20 extra per trip around the country). Anyhow, she suffered a broken ear and some very light scratches in her finish. Easy fixes most likely. We’ll see when I get her. Heather shared a photo album and I spied some “Weekend Winners” to share. :)

I don’t know who’s they are but that appy looks very detailed! I wish I could see the grey better but the exposure is too bright - I'ms ure he's cool too of course! :) Kudos to the owners/painters (and feel free to write me so I can put this info on the pics for my gallery someday!)

& Before I rush out of the house again I just want to say a quick thank you to the artists who tried to help all the same! (hugs them) :)

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Jenn Irwin said...

Hey Morgen! The gal that painted the appy Dinky Duke from DKL 2008 is Sheila Anderson. You can see her photos of him in Sheila's webshots album.