Saturday, May 24, 2008

Vaccine reaction of the worst type yesterday...

2015 I am removing this post.  The reaction was found to have happened as a result of the particular single batch being bad - something that can happen to milk or anything with a shelf life that is subject to poor handling.

This post has been viewed far too many times recently and I simply have no wish to fuel the anti-vax mentality.  I vaccinate all my animals & myself for the sake of us all.

You can have a reaction of the worst type to a bee sting too.  Always use veterinary professionals (one on hand saved this mare's life) and don't buy discounted drugs if you vaccinate yourself, or have them shipped cheaply.  The company making this drug paid for the  animal's treatment as I understand it (although it's possible handling of the vax after it left them was the cause)...and she lived a long time after this event, well into her 30s.

Vaccinations still save lives.


Kiko said...

GOOD LORD Morgen! Scary stuff. I am glad things are OK, but yeah, this is why you should not cheap out on stuff :P Thank heavens the vet was there.

Dayle said...

When a barnmate died of a vaccine reaction 10 years ago, we bleached the hell out of the barns and everything, because, like you said, you just can't be TOO safe when it comes to this. The other two mares just had some mild colicky symptoms as their reaction. Definitely a bad lot going around for us that day.