Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mare worse - my time is scarce

I need to report this here since I’m now going to be even further behind on things for a good deal of time.

The reaction Lizzy had [edit made Sat when I had a chance after Wed to reread this] could possibly as I was told[/end edit] have caused a secondary Salmonella infection. [editorial Sat update also is that it's looking less and less likely - THANK GOD for the poor gal - I'm personally not too worried about that now after hearing more, however Wed you could've knocked me over with a feather when I got a call where I was expecting to here that the mare had a blockage or something and instead am told she's having diarrhea everywhere and it's got to be handled with the worst case scenario in mind ] So [Wed pm after call] I’m now printing out quarantine signs and will have to do some decontamination procedure set ups for my barn. [another edit add in] Because projectile watery stool was spraying out of her we had to act as if it all was contaminated - my viewpoint is that even if it's as benign as edible cake-mix it's GROSS and UNSANITARY to leave uncleaned with a disinfecting agent when horses crib and lick bars and elderly people and kids come through daily and put their hands on stall edges. All stalls are open with nothing but bars at butt hight. Hey, I didn't build it. It's nice and airy most of the time. It was far too airy Wed/Thurs however. [/end edit add in]. She’s currently staying on IV in a stall. She may move to a vet hospital. For my part I’ve just got a lot to do.

Article from the horse magazine; (signing up is free and cheap and really a good thng for real horse owners).

I am behind on notifying folks about Hazel production and shipments and such. I’m sorry but fear not --> the casters are plugging away, they have your money from recent payments, and the COAs & invoices to go with them will hopefully go out this week. I’ve told the casters they can send the horses sans COAs until I have time to package them up and mail them out. I really really appreciate everyone’s patience.

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