Thursday, October 16, 2008

Contest #1 Poll Going & sneak peak again @bitty!!

Ok well first off - VOTE NOW!!! :D

Actually.. as of this moment there's almost 125 votes and I haven't even gotten to posting to MH$P or anywhere but Blab about the blogs contest being open for it yet...! (wow!)

Secondly... Since everyone's asking and asking.. and I just primered him and am going over him with something smaller than a fine toothed comb.. before I add weeeee tiny hair tendrils! Here's bitty bosco and some friends.

It's a pretty big pic. Lesse if whne you click it if blogger allows for the full size... hmmm. YUP it worked!

That's an old mold Love SM arab mare in between the two boys. No one liked my set up for balancing or I'd have everyone lined up better for their photo. You get the gist I hope? I love doing hair. I use apoxie sculpt in red and it's just such a fun texture to work with. It's more rubbery and it smooths sharp but not as clumpy as natural or gag - white! I save the red for things I want to do once - it's almost as if it has more oil to it? Great stuff. Love it! My tools work really well to get fine smooth lines. And after that primer can fill those lines with 'powder' overspray simply because it doesn't land in the grooves as nice... SO, I do it last last last almost so there's no build up in grooves.

He's almost ready for his close up now. Just gotta go over and reemphasize a couple more things.

I'M SO EXCITED!!! Eeeeee!!!

What fun I'm having, really. Between that and giggling myself silly over the scene contest entries' way creative ideas (scene contest is here) I'm just havin a blast. :D

Tx for all the encouragement guys too! (hugs!!)

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Anonymous said...

bitty is looking so great!! I'm excited for you and can only begin to imagine the fun of getting to all those little details!