Sunday, October 26, 2008

Finalist polls and tractors.. ;)

Well yesterday kicked my patootie with work!

However I was able to get the polls up when I got home. Just literally focused on nothing else making albums, making polls, submit em, brushed teeth and crashed… soooo please vote for the finalists!


****Thread poll for Contest #1*******


****Thread poll for Contest #2*******


Remember, you don't need to be a paid member to vote! :)

I decided it would be better to post the photos in big albums to make viewing at full size easier. I’ve got to run for a while again today (bulk of my work week is Fri-Mon), but I’ll have more time later today to announce these and more to my yahoogroup and whereever else I can think of to try and gather votes tonight probably..

Making those had the added adrenaline rush of flickering lights from a big gusty storm that was blowing in adding to the pressure to get it done fast!

... On a side note, this year’s charity tractor pull went off without any bad hitches (that’s a terribly cheezy pun – sorry!). They aren’t sure of how much was raised yet but it was closer than not to 5 figures. This year was to benefit a local girl with Leukemia. Every year they pick a local family to help out somehow. One whole hay field on the farm was filled up with tractors, cars and trucks (they pulled trucks too since the local boys haven’t done so due to changes in local fair’s rules). They had a professional auctioneer who was a blast to chat with (I kept score some of the time in between my regular full day of farm work I have on weekends doing my farm and the one I share the property with). It was really worth it -> he would take any tibit of info and make it a funny announcement. Plus there was a small # of items auctioned off and he/they managed to get over $75 for a chocolate cake for instance. Fancy that! And the owners just kept redonating it and no one actually took it home in the end. Kudos to them all really! My job was terribly easy since we had the one and only weight sled in the country that has a digital readout (custom) so it was a matter of glancing over in the end. However the day ran well into the evening and pouring rain (because there’s a large shed for equipment so 40 or so people lingered around in there..)! I begged out early and got these done. For once (the rain certainly wouldn’t let the bonfire portion run easily), things wound down before midnight. I am SO thankful for that – lol!

Now I’m off to see what the winds and rain brought last night.

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