Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Oktoberfest off with a big bang! *blinks*

Well, for me it was sorta a typical day with some extra scrambling computer time thrown in... ;) but already one of my contests has gotten some entrants..woohoo! :) OH! ..mmm yeah... uh perhaps I should put the link to that blog here huh? (duh!)
Contest #1 Blog
(I'll go stick a more permanent-ish link to the side shortly I guess? I have a 2nd contest in the making atm)...

THEN there was some back and forth with Steph Michaud about her auction when I got home this evening... and then I was finally getting to dinner when the phone rang and Steph is like "uhm.. [all ominous sounding] uh, did you see the auction?". And all worried I go over and see that it's 'Closed'. [me thinking 'Closed' = bad... duh me again!] So Steph had to finally point out to me that it ended with a massive "Buy it Now".
So here is that auction (all 11 minutes worth of festing I suppose - lol!)
Annnd I know she won't mind if I steal a couple pics from it to post here for posterity (and saving her server some viewing drain to boot. ;)

I'm still in shock here. Seriously.

[adding on]
Btw, to the 10 other people who voted in my arbitrary test polls.. I'm not really sure what to do with that 1st one's 3 way tie.. but perhaps it's connected to the numeral 3 being a clear winner in the second. I'm at a loss about that too. But thank you for voting all the same. Your vote COUNTS MAN! (giggles) ;)

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