Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Video fun!

Well I *knew* I had the tools on this “newer” machine (meaning 2-3 year old computer now?!!)… to make video clips (editing and dubbing and such)… I just haven’t had a camera that did digital video.

Let me back up first a bit and tell you what MOTIVATED me to do this first tho.. mmmm…. SO I’ve gotten some sheep as a “boarder’ (3 sheep – 1 ram, 2 ewes, one stall which is divided to prevent unwanted breeding -> they are show sheep). The ram needs to be by himself. He is LOOOOONELY and Baaa-aaa-aaa-aaas all day long. :( & anyhow, so I called poor Liesl Dalpe back yesterday finally while at the farm and yet (gee???) after only a few minutes on the phone (I don’t leave the farm basically from Friday thru Monday so I had no choice if I was ever going to get back to her...), Liesl went from being happy to hear from me at long last to... huh... suddenly remembering that she had some packages to mail. Yeaaaaaaaah…. Lol! Suuuuure Liesl!

Soooo I wanted to share the joy before he settles down (poor Liesl! Sorry babe!!).

As a side note that he is really starting to adjust and I suspect the baaaa-aaaaa-aaaaing will diminish soon enough I'm sure too (I still like em as boarders in other words!). Far less stressful than a horse equally upset. A lot less dangerous too. Anyhow, the point being that’s what I listen to all day long. ALLLLLL day long. Strangely my boarders haven’t been around so much either. Maybe it’s the weather there tho, ya think?

And while I was at it and my horse was feeling his oats some with the cold … soooooo I thought I’d try to get him being silly too since I had my boyfriend's digital camera iwth the ability at hand. He’s really pretty calm for how hot to trot he can get... When he’s really “tuned up” he’s a lot more fun to watch but this was about all I could handle anyhow in my skill set. I got several out-takes of my shoes whilst he trotted away from the donkey fwiw too - snorts and giggles. Since I was laughing (and I can’t stand my voice either!!), I decided to dub it with the one single audio file this computer seems to contain. Rather anticlimactic really compared to his only mild "reaction". Eh, well... it soooorta works at least. :)

Bonus points to the person spotting the issue with his upward gait transition that’s indicative of his anatomical asymmetry unsoundness and which is ultimately why he’s “retired”.

My video skills are lacking. So sorry... I think my future as a hand-held videographer are limited indeed, eh? Hehehe! Anyhow, nough sillies, I gotta go jot a note to my yahoogroup about something coming up. ;)

[editing to add in that Liesl just wrote back that;

"GASP! I would never ditch you because of screaming sheep.... that
would just be BAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHD...."

hahaha Liesl! and ...yes folks, I just corrected her last name here too because that's another forte of mine... spelin dontcha noe!]

Oh and look! Windows Movie Maker lets you grab frame photos... soooo check out Gleep aka "Joe Cool" throughout it all. He's so funny. We call him "Jedi Donkey". ;)


Morgen said...

Dude! I just had to delete my first comment...!! (8-o

It said "Billie said...

Nice videos!! It's a wonderful inspiration for me also to purchase a new digital camera"

and it seemed all normal as a hobby/horse person comment I've typically gotten I suppose.. then when I hit "publish" I was curious as to who Billie was (thinking it was a gal in the hobby we all know), and check out her blog... WELL -> it was linked up to an electronics & coupon site.

Hrmmmm... so if you "Billie" aren't just a sales rep from a company trying to get traffic, or worse, spyware out there by innocent link clicking, I suggest you write again w/out the links please.

That is all. Just an fyi to other fellow hobby bloggers.

Herecumztrubble0 said...

The problem with the upward transition? Is it because he took off on two different "leads"? Lol I don't know

But cute post! I love your your donkey just stood there like nothing was going on! He he! So cute!


Becky Turner said...

Hey your video work is better than mine! and my camera work too!! rolf.. Im really awful and thats after a whole semester of photography in collage too! anyways.. your horses gait? hmm I see him seem to switch to the right lead i think it is ? does he run /move faster better on one lead than the other because of his lameness problem? , its kinda short to see much on,,but he sure does switch gaits when he moves into a run and when slows down and turns...but hey ! the last pic you posted with the cute donkey.. the pose your horse is in, in that one would make an awesome sculpture! is a cool pose ... loved the post! cute sheep.. he looks pretty baaaaaad..lol
Rebecca Turner

Morgen said...

Katie/Becky, you've both basically got it right. He starts off with a counter canter always to one side. Sometimes he rights himself, sometimes not. It's because his right hip comes forward more than his left.

The good news is it's been a full year since I've seen him fall totally to the ground. Perhaps with age DOES come wisdom eh?

Obviously he's having way too much fun to consider him a charity case - take my word for it. ;)

And Becky, yeah: that last photo is his impression of SMB's Taboo huh!