Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'll update this when I have more info but.. :)

"Hazel" (Janice's Hazel in bay there featured on my website), won another NAN card and blue ribbon this past weekend. I don't honestly know the name of the show or the location. lol! This is all I got (proxier busy!);
"I showed Hazel as a Percheron x TB Sport Horse in Other Mixed Breed. It was a really nice class but she took the blue ribbon!"

Uhhhh yeah. I'm that bad that I don't have the foggiest clue what state this horse is in at the moemnt (duh!). Congrats Janice! She's fufilled the "Halter" requirement of the Versatility award now and we gotta find her a performance proxy person now.. Diana P has her and is her proxier for a bit (Diana is the mad proxy woman and she even got her ear repaired again before the win because I really did a bad job on that case apparently.. coughs and blushes!). I'll update the sales page with this latest win. Eventually I'm going to map this out on a US map. She's done some serious campaigning around the country herself this year I guess!!

UPDATED Oct 18th: The show was in Arkansas, it was Mid-Ark Model Horse Expo, and I believe the judge was Tracy Rogalla. Man this mare has been around more than ME...! (8-o She's had 6 stops so far (one where she had a broken ear and didn't show).. Next stop is Kansas (I *have* been there...) and hopefully she'll get to show performance again then too... she's itching too yanno! :D I just wasn't great about lining up hand offs between halter and performance folks around her travel line up. I'm not really a good coordinator to such a well-traveled gal anyhow.... thanks Diana for proxying these last one here! ;)

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