Sunday, October 19, 2008

‘Twas the best of times! ‘Twas the worst of times!

Ok, this really isn’t quite that dramatic but I just had to make a post here to log some noteworthy things in my life…! :)

Gas is $2.45… the first time I saw that price was 3 years ago (2005) and around here I haven’t really seen it since. Definitely a woohoo for a # of reasons: everything in the horse business relies on gas and diesel. Mind you diesel is not nearly as low right now as gas. Still… it’s a bright spot.

What is NOT bright is this WEATHER! UGH!!! I don’t ever remember finding frozen water in pasture troughs this time of year before. Not before Halloween. And the WIND chill… course it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity here that gets ya (it’s a cold damp raaaaw wind – ugh!).

So I came home after the basics to get some more clothes (wool socks, gloves, ear coverage, scarf etc etc)… before dealing with that. –yuck!

In happier fun news, I should mention here too that the contest polls are up and running. This is really going to be tough for me to decide upon… how many entrants go to the round 2 finals over on Blab… I’m thinking the top 80%. And I can’t believe the first contest already has
234 votes!

I made fun images to click on for the contests last night…


GJ Berg said...

And I was ecstatic gas here (Bay Area, California) was under $3.50/gallon. Sigh.

Morgen said...

If it makes you feel better Gail? lol -> it went up 2 cents since this.

CA is really expensive, I don't envy ya! I'll bet you're not wearing woolen hats and mittens and chipping at ice yet tho? Take comfort in that. ;)

Didn't gas get to over $5 in CA for a while? It got close here but not quite that high.... aaaaand this place that was so low isn't the norm for our state. Fortunately they're just trying to be madly competitive and it's working for them. Their store is packed every day and you can't get into their parking lot during peak traffic times. I'm sure they are offering it at near cost but making up for it in other sales. Well one would hope. (8-o