Sunday, August 5, 2007

Ack ack! Just had to address it...!

Speaking of deluding one's self.. I hope I was not, however I have learned the harder way that wonky in pictures isn't good - even if it does reflect real life.

One of my most popular models sold is a horse with legs all pointing in different directions - and he's NOTORIOUSLY hard to photograph. In real life your eye adjusts, in pictures you wonder however.

Anywho, so you can imagine I suppose, my dilemma when my reference photos all tend to show this foreleg thrust forward and slightly outward. Real horses move in really different ways but the majority I have (draft to arab breeds) in this pose have some degree of this. All the same, just SOME. Meaning I have room to play around and get it more aesthetically attractive. Just as some [example] Lippizans and related body type spanish breeds wing out below the knee badly;

and others do not nearly so much. It's a point more to conformation AND (imo) especially fitness and the actual degrees of flexion involved in the pose.

So in summary, lol, I think I'm justified and within bounds of biomechanics here to tip the humerus back towards the sternum more as I've just done (note the white line where I cut in those pics). Hopefully I am not suffering from barn blindness in that choice.

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