Saturday, August 25, 2007

Insights into my workspace..! (8-o (eek)

No seriously. Anyone who's seen how I work knows it gets cluttered fast. I like to hunker down and be able to glance from this to that and compare, rather than to be shuffling/flipping images in a clipbook around. I can then turn the horse this way and that way and see some approximations. Those are just a couple out of (I wish I was exaggerating), 50-75 sheets of printouts and magazine croppings and a few books buried on the workbench.

True chaos. It's grand though. The perspective variations from picture to picture help eliminate the pitfall of sculpting sans translation from 2D to 3D. When it comes time to test with measurements I don't get such nasty surprises.

The pile is about a foot deep.

My old marketing director boss would laaaaaugh and laaaaaaaugh and then shake his head with something akin to dismay (worse I'm sure).

I prefer sensory overload. I get very agitated when I can't spot how the bulge of a neck muscle can have subtle variations for example in 5-10 different horses is in a specific tuck. I do not like to "wing" certain things and anatomy books are only useful to a degree imo - only starving horses or ones in the epitome of fitness look like anatomy book horses - and even then, usually only when standing. I want to see exactly how the muscles are working at that very specific skeletal position and compare it in different body types so I can get exactly the build I'm looking for.

That's me anyhow. & There's a sad little peek at true clutter like you don't want to know. ;)

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