Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hump day humor!

So I’m terrible at retelling jokes but here goes. I have a point in all of this…

Jesus and The Devil went to God to see who really influenced the world of computing the most. Jesus posited that he has managed to bring enlightenment and hope to far more people than ever before, productivity of mankind was at an all time high. The Devil merely snickered and said “Sex still reigns as the #1 google search and even the most pious swear like sailors upon getting the blue screen of death”.

Anyhow, so God proposed they have a little contest. He set them to work creating documents and images featuring their respective highlights, Word essays, Photoshop images, Excel charts and such. They worked at speeds unfathomable generating files upon files of content – when suddenly there was a tremendous cracking boom as God threw down a lightning bolt and the power shut off. The Devil leaped to his feet screaming and ranting at God that he’d just lost everything and what purpose could he possibly have in this contest by this??!

God simply replied: Jesus saves.

This is a joke someone gave me when I was a professional graphic designer. It was stuck to my cubical wall somewhere. Believe me, there were many times I’ve lost content after some intense work and simply sat there thinking.. yes… Jesus would have saved. (probably followed by a @(#*$# demonic string of curses as I’m hardly a saint). Other virtues of saving I later learned are thus;

- mid stream work sometimes is better than the offshoots you go down

- saving versions allows you to go back and refind where you strayed

- avoids reinventing wheels you’ve already invented

This gives me some fodder here to chew over during my lunch today. I have found that sometimes I look back and see I’ve reinvented something many a time – it’s rather mortifying really. I’m quite the dense individual. ;)

Anyhow, so a hiphip hooray for blogging to organize in easier to access linear fashion. In looking for some photo last night I came across another in progress photo and it cheered me greatly. :) I wish I had an accurate date on it. It’s a few months before the final version was completed but with my computer dying all the files are now date stamped with the day I ported them over. It’s started out as a BUNNY!

For full effect here’s an earlier in progress page;

And the final horse;

It's good to reflect on past work to help you move forward. Cheerio!

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