Sunday, August 12, 2007

Heartgirth and tail changes

I added the curve to the tail today. The heartgirth and some small points to further tone down big butt syndrome yesterday. Also some points being added under the jaw which is the start of 'building a head' as I think of it. This is that before and after:

I would like to find a really spectacular head shot that matches this mare's but with very clean details. I spied an Irish Draught horse ad that could've been Hazel in chestnut jumping a giant oxer - the head was absolutely spot on with one of her tiny blurred pics (and of course what I know of the mare from caring for her and seeing her regularly!). It really had the right eye and intelligent expression overall - with a tiny bit of spark I like about the real mare as well.

Anyhow, there's my thoughts for today. Maybe keep working on that shoulder, balancing the two sides overall up better, and getting that head expression 'just so' which I think will help the other missing puzzle pieces become clearer and fall into place better.

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