Thursday, August 9, 2007

Irony & Good news too

Sprained middle finger (I think) and am not sure how entirely - think it was when horse jerked leg I was picking or a bump accident w/water buckets. Took a long while for pain and swelled only a full day later. Irony is that the blisters are now almost all scabbed off from rope burn on that hand.

No shadow puppet theater tonight I guess. ;)

Good news!
My charity case appy filly is going to a most appreciative and skilled trainer's home to learn that life isn't all eating, bucking and picking on the older women (mares). Such a giant relief I can't tell you! :) It's awesome to find a trainer who likes a true blue fiery mare for the big heart and effort she'll give, yet is also capable of dealing w/it reasonably. Wish the little gal luck in her life please. :)

I am referencing/studying up on matters today. Over and out.

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