Tuesday, August 7, 2007

So much to do still..

This shows a photoshopped ear and removed peg. I can see pretty clearly the ear was too low after I primered.

Shoulder muscles are killin me. All wrong. Neck could loose more even crest (easiest fix of the to-do list at least; with the mane more gestured out). I'm going for less drafty in the cross, yes, there are plenty of draft cross mares with necks muscled up this well but Hazel isn't one of em and I like that a bit about her! :) Leg details need a LOT more definition. Look clunky/big here. Below tho you can see they aren't quite so thick. Details will help.

Undecided if this is the facial expression I prefer.

Leg at least doesn't looks so distorted and mismatched now. Big time work to neck shoulder on this side as well as to hind leg on left.

Back to work. Sometimes it comes faster when the issues really start to stand out like this. Let's hope!

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