Tuesday, August 21, 2007

For Carol H. :)

Since I never know how long it will take me to wrap up painting a horse, I don't share step-by-steps of painted horses. Nevermind that the underlying colors usually look insanely wierd until the softer moderating colors are laid down on top. All the same, I have something fun here. The acrylic 'base' coat is crucial to map out exactly before brushing on oil over it. Also, I just don't do white oils anymore for anything other than modifying other colors. Non-yellowing oils are not always foolproof (they probably soak up underlying oil color layers). So sealing off oil paints with good finishing sprays and THEN adding acrylic white is my preference. Since this horse is primarily white he'll be mostly acrylic. The color of the markings is killing me right now but patience patience before getting there.

I've been just chomping at the bit to do him after all those gorgeous pintos you see who have tons of ghost spots. I only have one of these resins (it's sculpted by Sarah Rose), and I really wanted to emphasize the cute factors of his face with marking that didn't obscure his muzzle for example. So milky soft greys were my preference.

Once I'm done with the 'basecoat' here on the other side. Then I'll paint the dark markings with oils until there's a little depth to the chestnut coat (start light go dark in other words). Then I get to respray the horse to seal it all up. And go back over the edging with whites and blend it back into the very pinky/gray body color white. I just LOVE ghost freckles or whatever you want to call em. :D

Aside from some really nice QHs in magazines (big stallion ads), I've chosen this pattern to stick closest too:

There are many Pusher bloodline foals out there (a few friends directed me to them - tx!), that carry this pattern. I really loath the aspect of creative freedom that limits a pattern type to a breed. I'm thrilled there is this crossover.

I'm getting all these cheesy ideas for names too right now. Like Pushbutton. Or Pushpin.

Anyhow, there ya go Carol. Blogged a horse in painting progress that will probably take ages to finish despite how excited I am to have finally started him. ;)

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