Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Echo, echo, vary...

I am such a bad student for memorization. There were only a few "terms" utilized to convey concepts in the one sculpting class I ever took (well in college at least) and it's an acronym I just can't remember. What I did take away however is the concept (which is the point tho at least); all works derive their dymanic aspects from the combination of variation and echoed shapes. Since I study photos a great deal I am always fascinated by how some photographers love to really have continuity in their photographs, whereas others who might be considered more avant garde chose extremely chaotic and sometimes hard to decipher subject matter (or can make ordinary objects become nearly unrecognisable in this way).

Anyhow, that's my musing for today. I decided to echo some of the angles into the mane and tail and solidify them to help me in the end stages of roughing out the basic anatomy here. Yes, basic anatomy roughing is still going on. There's no point in doing too much with joint & muscle shapes until you've really settled on the final dynamics because slight changes in leg positioning on horses results in huge changes in muscle shapes often. I sit surrounded by about 50 photos of close ups and various body views of this phase of the gallop and am currently picking appart what I like and don't like about aspects of tension in each. Some of my favorites are the show jumpers, but they wear so much gear! UGH! lol. ;)

Anyhow, ramble ramble.

Above I've photoshopped in a fuller tail. Below is the horse as is currently. Still far from primer as I keep refining and finding my armature beneath (note the shiny leg for instance? Fortunately that all sands down). I really am liking the mane. It feels very realistic in movement but adds a lot to convey her speed and leap to me. Ok, ramble of the day over. :)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

after some theory discussion...

with a friend.. I decided to do a mock up of the mane (well & tail too but it wasn't what I was curious about) in photoshop. given her current state I really need to find the balance and where I want to emphasize the "wow factors" as she puts it.

Nothing else here has been fiddled with though. it's amazing how much a mane can affect the balance of the whole piece. I was thinking perhaps of going shorter but I rather like the slightly grown out pulled mane look. hmmmmmm.......

She's still really "raw" mind you. Forget that the feet aren't all the same size/shape etc but she doesn't even have eyeballs at the moment b/c I relocated them and just left em as a general shape until I have the "flow" just right. Obviously it's supposed to be a "strong" mare but I want her marish too all the same. She's starting to convey what I'm trying to "say" I think tho. :)

Monday, May 21, 2007

Puter fixed.. catchin up now too!

Before I share todays scary photo of the sculpture tho I *must* share highlights from my trip. :)
We start the photo essay with the first night at the NASCAR race that got rained out (so it was held the next day)..I broke out the camera when silly people couldn't resist sliding in the mud nude. Eventually someone got hurt of course (no photo of that, don't worry, I decided to take a walk because their follies weren't all that worth watching). ;) Next is the Dale Jr sign that is FINALLY out of my home -WOOT! (lol) I can't tell you how many times that thing made me jump no matter where I tried to tuck it away (apt is just too small for me and Dale there). The actual race of course (was the excuse by which I was coaxed out from my hermit lifestyle). T'was more fun than I expected (since I have little interest in very loud or very fast things). ;) Next is Chimney Rock (some have pointed out it might have more apt names - lol - I have to wonder what the Native Americans called it now..). Then Grandfather mountain. Nifty fun animal photos are from their wildlife rehab center. :) The mating snakes and gecko were not part of that tho - just critters I happened across. And lastly my favorite: CAVES! This time we stopped by Luray Caverns in VA. I highly recommend it - I can't possibly convey the size from mere photos -> huge! :D

Ok, and now for a photoshop effects Hazel study.

I took one of these hideous flattening flash shots because I wanted to know if I needed to add more throat given her neck's condension. Like that word? Anyhow, that and a few other spots: right leg has gotten too thin, adding a tad more nostril. I am hoping I will have cause to primer soon. I'd really like to "see where I am" better but some major butt tucking had to occur first so I'm still working that out before I bother. :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

One week later.. much changed!

Huh. In looking btwn last week and this I guess my changes were more drastic than I thought. I moved the head and neck tie-in in two spots. Added back a bit more crouch to the hind legs and finally got some more refinement to the body.

I'm chuckling because this massive progress is probably due to the fact that I've only been able to answer emails in the slowest fashion due to the security lock down.. thus, I haven't tried with some non-urgent ones. I still haven't uninstalled this @#$*&^#@ security software because I am getting ready to travel for a bit and have too much else to wrap up at the moment. Mostly the barn has required tons of pasture prep and slow introduction to the grass for the boarders in rotating shifts (these are extremely time consuming to coordinate daily). I have a great tan starting (farmers tan of course) despite the SPF30 I use... I also have been training a boarder on how to properly apply bell boots to her mare. See below.


So that's the news - I've been avoiding the computer until I can deal with this bs... an utilizing the time instead to wrap up a LOT of shipping and other loose ends right now. Bless my boarders for forcing me to go on this trip too. I was on the fence about it until a few weeks ago and one finally stepped up to the plate so I didn't need to hire a farm sitter which just simply costs too much. There is no profit in boarding horses. Really. It just barely pays a dollar an hour which translates into paying for feed for my TB boy. I'm getting a donkey from a friend when she finds homes for the rest of her herd (they're on the same property too right now), but thankfully donkeys, and especially this one, are air ferns. And my TB is such a special needs horse that it's pretty clear I'll always need a companion around for him. Thank god these brats are so huggable tho, eh? ;) The boarder people are rather huggable too. I am looking forward to my first full day off since Feb! And my first full overnighter since last July! WOOT!!! THANKS GUYS!!!! (((HUGS!!!)))

Thursday, May 3, 2007

I have been hating my computer at the moment..

Thus I have completely forgotten I can at least post here. I will be delighted if I can also get a picture past my new firewall's upgrade (licence renewal) that has efficiently locked me out of nearly all things I need access to to do business (it's gotten a little TOO secure). Mostly I've been spending any time at the computer reading through help-pages and spending time online with tech support. Very depressing.

ANYHOW, so obviously the gal has gotten a LOT of refinement since my last post. She's also got a "starter" tail that's real in there now. Meaning the stump isn't a removable "gesture" tail. I would like to put more "flick" into it for a couple of reasons: a feeling of fiesty-ness primarily though. I haven't thought too much about it. Still honing in on the larger shapes of the back, rump and shoulder at the moment. I did fiddle with the face a good deal finally too. It's all very rough as usual. Ok, here's to seeing if I can get a photo past my firewall now... (praypraypray)..YAY! I do believe it worked! :D (sighs of a brief victory here).