Saturday, October 26, 2013

Wyatt! A Very big first for me! :)

I decided to go with what I sent out to my yahoogroup and email list the other day...   there is only so much I can say here anyhow.  :)  But NOW I can at least share this news! (for those who haven't heard this already I guess.. there are some here still probably!) ;)
Introducing the new action stock horse that Breyer commissioned me to sculpt early this year (I giggle but no one seemed to wonder why Oceania was taking me so long?) ;)

Truly I don't know much more than anyone else here. I am basing all of my answers on what I see there in their web page page there. Of course with any commercial work there are many answers I can't give too.. but really, the page says it all. I am not a Premier or Collector Club member but I do believe if you wish to join it's explained there as well - $20 to join, $100 deposit and then you are committing to buy all 3 models for the year for $175 each. Hope I got that right!!! :D The mold, as I understand it, will be introduced into their regular run (normal stores, less complicated colors and regular Breyer prices) line in 2015.

So I said this yesterday on FB when the news was leaked a little bit (but I didn't have a page or pictures to share so I waited here).. anyhow, but this is a huge honor to me to be asked. Aaaaand I'm delighted that people are excited about the performance possibilities... I hope he helps inspire kids the same way Breyers inspired me as a youth! I just need to say this to give you an idea of how BIG this day is to me; When I was 10 I read an article about Rich Rudish sculpting Sham for Breyer. It was a pivotal point for me, I realized there are some people who actually mostly sculpt horses for a career. It took 30 years to get there but I’m pretty pleased. I'm really really looking forward to the day when I can watch a kid playing with a Wyatt model!!!

Ok, well .. I guess that's all I can say except a big ole squeeee!!! (little kid in me cannot wait to play with my own copy). ;)

Ok, ok, yanno what? That's not true, I owe a LOT of my customers a tremendous thank you. I mean this. If it wasn't for the patronage of you, I would not have had the time to be taking on commissions like this, I'd be working a 9-5 job still to make ends meet and these sorts of commercial tight deadlines would simply be out of the question. So truly truly from the bottom of my heart, a thank you for your support here for your steady patronage over the years that has made me able to follow my dream and bring this to more children in the future... ((big virtual hugs!!))

(and again hehehe squeeee hurry up May, I want to play with my plastic pony!!!!) :)


I'm really overdue for some posts here.. things got very busy for a bit and I'm sure the next few weeks will continue to leave me behind on a lot of things...  for now, let me introduce the final sculpture:  PIXEL!  :D
There is a full gallery on his website /  ordering page:

aaaaand the gallery alone is
I'll leave it at that for this post.. on to compose my other post for the day really quickly! ;)