Thursday, December 29, 2011

Still no name here on this fellow..

Liberty act spanish guy... that's what we'll call him for now. Can't you see him charging around after Lorenzo or hear the music & see the surreal lighting there in the Cavalia tent?!

Had some more time to play today, (truthfully sometimes I just have to abandon the raw casting cleanup brigade for a few hours & do something new & creative!). I put one of the few SM Breyers I have in the center photo for comparison.

Should enlarge pretty big if you click on it. :)

& Having nearly no other news, may I say WHEW where has this week gone so far???! :D

Monday, December 26, 2011

Started a new 1:32 scale work today

It's hopefully going to be a Lusitano.

(the above is photoshopped as I test out my tail idea & see where I want to nip off a little more)

[adding in this sentence an hour later - doh!] I was inspired by the liberty acts of Cavalia, Apassionata and less showy ones like Hempfling.

I may back off of the extreme Lusi profile features and traits and go more Andalusian though... it's too soon to say! :) I started this afternoon & just couldn't put him down he's been so fun & different!

Anyhow, he's under 3" tall. A first for me in clay too at this scale but I'm not worried as the widget details I've done are a lot smaller sometimes.. the brushes I sculpt with can easily remove an eye. This is sans solvents or oils too - just that my clay is soft and warm so it's a matter of patience and redoing things sometimes.. overall though despite all the redundant work it seems to be a ton faster for me to get where I want to go. At this scale though I have to freeze him (yup - right into the freezer!) more I've found already... 2x today to work on basic shaping.

So it would be fun to have a small work for sale in the nearer future. We'll see how /where this goes!!

I also haven't posted here about the next (this is the 2nd) Baroque horse head bust up on eBay;
I'm sorta behind there on sharing that - it was a week long auction but it ends tomorrow- sorry! Anyhow, I am guessing that most people reading this blog though are members of my mailing list or yahoogroup.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday so far? We celebrated Christmas in NC with friends and with our puppies at home. It's been a cozy holiday so far... I've managed to not eat too many of my cookies (which is saying something because I baked more than ever before!). Anyhow, a belated wishing of holiday cheer to my blog readers here! Have a wonderful New Years too!! :)

Cheers and Joy to you & yours!! :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Meh... ;)

Well I did 2 pastels today - one is a gift for my feller so I won't be posting it here.

I'm very critical of my illustration work and am never happy with it. Today's works are no different! In fact this pony above has many hours to go imo... despite that I was trying to go with a less-is-more approach & just make shape suggestions. I have to laugh and think I wasn't meant to illustrate even though I tried that path for a while... I"m a lefty and I can't help but smudge.. ;)

At any rate though I haven't shared any new studio happenings in a while so there's one at least! It's from my photoshop of the wild Shackleford ponies from last November.

I hope to be also putting a new bust on eBay tonight (to end after Christmas). Now that I'm caught up on shipping I can wrap up other studio projects! The pony is a "gift to me" and just because I had an hour here at the end of the day before I wanted to hide away those tell tale pastels.. ;)

Monday, December 19, 2011

A customer made my holidays a bit merrier!!

This photo is from Inge Steininger. The momma mare here is obviously sculpted by Brigitte Eberl but I am not sure which sculpture (I don't know it's name - just need to credit the sculptor!). And both were painted by Cindy Williams (at least the Mango is - I'm pretty sure both). I just love the scene though! How fun - I love getting stuff like this! :D

Shared with permission of the photographer.

Hope everyone is having a sane holiday season so far! It's gotten pretty hectic here & I don't do half as much as I used to... go figure! ;)

______________adding in a day later______________

I had to correct Brigitte Eberl's name first off! Eek!

Inge just wrote me with more pics (!) and to say the mare sculpture here is "Elsa" which has been modified/customized by Cindy (I'm going to take a wild guess and say it looks like the mane and tail are Cindy's, not Brigitte's style). So there ya have it!

By the way, I have photos from many customers on my yahoogroup in folders (one per sculpture). So if anyone is wanting to share too - please just send them my way or feel free to upload if you are a member! They are moderated for everyone's protection but I generally get to approve of new photos within a day or so! Love to see the new colors! :)