Sunday, September 25, 2011

Kipling for 2 additional days & new baroque bust!

One of those new faces I promised! A whole photo essay of the 2 part mold making will follow soon enough… however right now I have a lot of backlog emails aaaaaaaand my internet connection has been very patchy this whole week. Add to this that my website server (a totally different company) also had problems this weekend (how long I don’t know) and my domain name is also being still affected there by what apparently was an attack earlier (email still not working)… so in the last 4 days these 2 factors are making my response time quite slow! (And fwiw, THIS is why I have an “” email account – I can tell when emails should be coming in to the domain and aren’t)… Laugh at my cheap freebie solution but it’s effective! :)

"Baroque Horse Bust"
4 and 3/4" tall
Completed Sept 2011 - this copy is cold cast brass

Sooo bottom line is the “making of” this bust (at least the mold of it) blog post will have to wait another day or so. I'm asking many questions of my yahoogroup to decide what sort of an edition this will be. I was immensely inspired by the work of John Sherrill Houser and older renaissance and greco-roman stylings here. This was just something I *had* to do.

(and the last week to reserve a copy here)
I need to ALSO share my decision that with my website/host server's downtime issues late this week/I’m going to extend Kipling’s edition 2 more days to end on Oct 2nd to make up for the 2 days that I know of which were lost this weekend. So sorry if this has caused anyone problems? -sighs-

My online queue is not up to date yet. Since they haven't started shipping it's not really a live "queue" to watch.. however they are casting now (well tomorrow) and it WILL be a live queue very soon so I'll get that up soon.

Any questions please be sure to at least copy my email addy (and the paypal addy of of course still works via paypal... but I can't reply to your payment notices right now still - I'm so sorry!).

In lighter news;
Yesterday I was away for half the day at my first “Meet the Artist” over at the Hollyhocks Gallery. They have a nice write up arranged weekly in the local newspaper events section for the artists who will be sitting out meeting people;

How exciting eh?! Those "Meet the Artist" days rotate through the gallery artists so that won’t happen too often but it’s so nice to get out of the studio! It was fun to meet the local folks and learn about the area. My socialization skills are really falling to the wayside in all this rural isolation… lol! Plus, I have to confess I didn’t get enough sleep before hand (in part due to my excitement insomnia I’ve always gotten since I was little)… aaaaaaand yes, in part because I was fiddling with my last 2 items to go up there – the Iaret mounted to a quartz base (quarts sparks and glows red when being cut! And crazily enough, is almost IMMEDIATELY cool to the touch despite being red a second before…)… and the new bust. This is my final set up and some photos of the gallery;


I'm missing 2 main areas here because my pictures were just that blurry...! Without a tripod I'm nearly useless for indoor still photography... but you get the idea of the whole set up I think? :)

Ok, so in the course of preparing this blog post my email has been trying to send a few messages and they aren’t going anywhere. It's been 3 or 4 hours this afternoon now...


I’m going to do some things outside now & try writing back to folks more in a bit. I prefer to keep it to the one email but if I can’t much longer I’ll use the online account. –sighs- Can anyone recommend a good host? This one had a lot of positives but this has come up a few times now. I need to consider hosts that can at least fix things faster than these guys seem to.

The online patchyness I can’t do anything about. The neighbor said he’s passing around a petition to try & get Time Warner Cable out to this road. I would SO love to sign that. I put in a request for them to consider cable to this area before I even moved down here 2 years ago… in the meantime I’m at the mercy of satellites and sunspots (and space debris!). ;)

~~~OH! ~~~The other “new face” that I’ve been talking about is one that people really haven’t seen online at all before yet…. A totally new medallion I’ve done to benefit the “Our Mim’s Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation”. ( A worthy cause that’s very near and dear to me. It’s not the medallion I posted earlier this past year, this is a racehorse in tack. That’s all I’m saying for now until Cheryl and John have created something to sell and are ready to share! :) Soooo stay tuned for that too! :)

Happy Fall All! To my native CT pals, I’m really homesick for the Durham Fair today. If you’re there, have a yummy greasy fried dough with red sauce for me please!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

New venues for these new faces...! ;)

First off, before I share my latest, I need to be clear to all of my wonderful loyal customers -> I fully have intended & still plan to keep chugging along making & selling artist resins every few months (or so!) ;) as I have been doing for many years. I just want to be clear up front. I don’t want to change anything there! I hope to have some in bronze and fine bone china more often too… and the occasional one of a kind works for sale, but I very much enjoy selling to artist resin collectors and all of the fun and challenges that go along with it. The last thing I’d want is for you guys to feel as if I’ve turned away from you after all these years! I’m simply diversifying at this point which is of course the sensible thing to do at times but also imo is very good for the creative soul!!

SO (woohoo!) I’m very excited to share with you that some of my bronze finish painted artist resins are now on display at Hollyhocks Art Gallery in Pinehurst, NC. This is a few hours away from my home. On display is this Hazel

(isn’t she exciting on this rock! She’s permanently mounted to it too! The real trick was to fill in the very faint gap between her feet & the rock. It’s interesting because if you try to tip her over the rock pulls her back up… fascinating & was a lot of fun to work with organic natural materials – love using mother nature’s splendor if I can! I dare anyone to really determine where real rock ends…ok, probably shouldn’t offer to be critiqued that hard actually). ;)

And of course I had to bring this Johann who is not permanently mounted to the marble there (that’s a heavy hunk!)

I’ll be there for occasional “Meet the Artist” mornings on Saturdays too which I’m very much looking forward to, it’s so nice to get out of the studio now & then! I really hope that any blog readers here in the area will stop by if they get a chance. There are so many other neat possibilities as well. Some of the artists hold teaching workshops (for example I’ve been thinking how fun it would be to teach a very modest aimed animal sculpting class using a hardening clay like apoxie sculpt?).

(it's blurry - I took it with my camera phone)

Aaaaaaaaaand the other news is that I’m I’m also incredibly honored to also share that Jane has additionally invited me to be in the group show she’s having at the Campbell House in Southern Pines – a six week show, opening night is Nov 4th and of course everyone is invited there too!

Since the Campbell House has an approximately 2 year wait once approved after applying to have a show, this expedited allowance they’re making is beyond immensely flattering!!

Timely enough too -> I’ve gotten the shipping notice about my cold casting supplies en route for early next week and I’m REALLY excited to have such a huge “goal” to work towards here with them. Wish it wasn’t so expensive to experiment in these metals mind you! A variety of marble bases arrived Thursday & things are coming together! And we have some more rock cutting and drilling going on that I hope to share the results of in the near future as well.

This note is late but this week has been very challenging on a completely unrelated note. I have many emails to confirm/answer now so I truly appreciate folks’ patience with me. I have keep EVERYONE waiting and this blog post sat in my drafts for 3 days now… it’s becoming old news!

Two weeks left to order Kiplings and already I hear the mold is nearly done – I’m so excited and would be THRILLED if I could have some shipping out before the edition closes but I think it’ll be just after that. I also have more Little Man Mango castings arriving next week and perhaps the week or two after that as well. I’m going to be BUSY – eek! Truly everyone’s patience with me is sincerely appreciated. Hopefully tonight while Liz Shaw's crazy auction ($12,000 and change so far!) ends I'll get all the rest of my emails wrapped up. Tx again for all the patience with me guys!

Monday, September 12, 2011

I know I know…

I’d said I had a NEW face to share after this weekend buuuuuuut it seems best (after discussing with the “owner” of said work ultimately) to wait until all the stars and planets are aligned to do so properly (so in another 2 or 3 days probably!).

So.. in the meantime for want of anything of mine, I shall share a photo of mine from this weekend;

Edit a little while later to add in this close up for knitonator - this is as large as that'll go :)

We stopped at the Carolina Horse Park during show on our way off to go camping, just in time to have a horse bolting from the stables fly past. I have a few boring pics of hunters being walked along calmly & then this wild pose! :) There’s some serious extremes in biomechanics in there that I almost suspect if I sculpted this verbatim people would be skeptical of it’s physical possibility! Anyhow, very dramatic & I have a few others like it but this was the most exciting one to share I think.

On a more serious note I’d really dwelled a lot on elaborating yesterday on how 9/11 impacted me (where I worked shared a lot people back and forth with the WTC for example).. the aftermath and the horrific reminders we saw daily afterwards (we had armed military stationed at our offices in New Haven CT because they were next to a refinery so we literally were eating lunch next to men carrying machine guns – a whole new America). Suffice it to say after viewing so many of stories shared these past few weeks on various shows I think my own experiences pale laughably and would be almost insulting to share in light of what so many went through. The people I knew of lived. For example I can quickly/easily explain one story of 2 investors who were on their way from the WTC to tour our company that morning. They probably lived because the appointment had been changed from their offices to ours (well ditto for my boss who was supposed to go there to WTC too), so that was 3 lucky people… but so many sad stories I still cannot bear to speak of. Hug your loved ones, time on this planet being so fleeting and unpredictable and all that.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Four new faces Friday! :D

Ok, well I have a hard time obviously coming up with good names for titles here. Some of these are actually older but I finally got around to casting them… as you can see one was designed to go along with Kipling!

This is my hand for scale. I’ve actually got something I cast that day I’m twitching to share buuuuut I’m going to wait until I’ve got the products here to make and assemble them… hopefully next week? How annoyingly mysterious, I know! Sorry. I’ve shared this one before in progress… buuuut the end stages made him really come together & shine sooooo I want to be ready to go “ta da!!” properly. Crossing fingers for a productive weekend /early week. After much research and techy talk with people I’ve come to the inevitable conclusion that I must make a multipart mold… my first & so I’ll have a post where I can show the prototype/waste mold box & then share why/how the 2 part mold had to be done for this type of casting material... (provided all goes well). At least this is a smaller object & these many molds are less costly…

Soooooooo the nose-up widget there? I’m thinking it should be exclusive to Kipling purchases? Right!?! :)

OH! Kipling, I see I haven’t posted here the sales page, just the album! (Guess it’s been a few weeks..!) Well Kipling has been up for sale on my website since September 1st – again he’s only available for September. Postmarks / payment time stamps must be by Sept 30th. Here’s all his purchase info!

More soon I hope with smooth sailing! :D