Saturday, June 6, 2009

While I wait for the Belmont here...

And I have a second to do this... I'm going to just commemorate the fun hairing job I did last weekend on this gal for hoots. :)

The color came out rather interesting to me - it's hard to tell how rough this is, I just sprayed grey primer on and then hit her with red primer from another direction to contrast. Talk about primative airbrushing! (straight out of the spray can).. it's fascinating to me that you can't really tell how two-toned and gritty she is.. well, I guess you kinda can. Don't worry tho -> I've already sanded it all down. In fact I took these a few days ago to play with some changes I wanted to make in photoshop before making them. These are the altered pics actually I just realized too. I didn't quite at first looking at thumbnails because she looks more like this now (I liked the changes). :)

and this last one was with flash, the contrast was hideous so I grayscaled it here (too distracting!)