Thursday, August 15, 2013

Moved & Almost Back in Business!

It’s not much to look at yet here but I’m SO excited!  Getting to organize a new working space is always exciting anyhow.

Sooooo clearly we’ve finally moved!  We’re very much in central NC now,  a different home than the one I posted (and removed) 3 or 4 months ago.  This one is just gorgeous but clearly the above isn’t the inside of a steel building! ;)  It’s slow going, most things are squirrely & need replacement or fixing so my current studio is eventually going to be the 2nd /guest bedroom. Eventually I hope to have converted either the garage here or this cinderblock building that housed cows and horses at one time here.  We’ll see… right now this is still a lot more space in the studio than I had previously AND I can tuck my boxes and packing peanuts elsewhere – doubling the useable space at least.  I’m a bit lost here so far as to what to do with it.  And it’s just SO charming and pretty to me.  What a world of inspiration that is, I’m just dying to tap into it!

(above) Two sculptures that I had to pack away that I'm anxious to find & get out of their boxes tonight! :D

Lost in literal space here but VERY excited to get going…  it’s like a huge lump of clay that could become anything.. ;)  Aaaaaaaaaaaaand I do plan to start a sculpture right off the bat here too.  Right after I unpack, lol!  In the meantime I’ve got vintage VHS of the entire X-files series (commercials and all – ala 90’s, so fun!), to keep me company in unpacking and setting up shop.

Just a brief update on where we’re at! :D