Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sketching & Reflections

This was going to be a post on Friday when I logged in to upload the pictures and discovered the horror that had happened to such innocent souls in my home state.   I was so dismayed and saddened that posting anything like this was out of the question.  I'm still left quite troubled & in deep sorrow over the matter.

That said, I'll simply post some sketches I've done of proposed and completed sculptures.  I have a class with AAEA coming up soon, and other things on the horizon but I'll wait to talk more about that.  For now, just sharing some exercises in sketching sculptures or sculptures to be.  The last being just practice (with no intention of becoming a sculpture, that's just one of my dogs).


It's been such a weird holiday season around here.  It's warmer than previous years (I think), even for "the south".  Granted NC isn't as warm as FL in other words but being just a jaunt from Myrtle Beach with palm trees & gators around here & yeah, it's not going to get exactly cold but still, I am pretty sure it's warmer than the last 2 years.  Our first year here it snowed & was nippy at times!  Lately it's been tee or light shirt weather during the days.  We aren't going back for any family holidays up north, and while we have a mini tree and decorations I just am more introspective than anything this season.  I've even been to a couple of holiday parties but still, I dunno.  It looks and feels like early fall to me out there still.  I'll get used to it!  In the meantime, more art underway over here... keeps one on course.

I heard a good quote on a sculpting forum I shared on FBs studio page, but I'll share it here too;  "People ask me, how do I get my ideas? I can only reply that I don’t need ideas, I need metal." David Vanorbeek, Artdeev vanorbeek.com

(and more time!) ;)