Sunday, January 31, 2010

Confirmation again of email issues..

Sooooo I should mention it here too just in case. Over the past few years I've discovered (just in sending things to people while on the phone, "is it there yet? wait, the other one got through but not the first???" etc etc.. and learning that they go to some email hosts but not others) that sometimes emails really just plain get eaten by cranky email hosts. Sooo on days when I send out many multiple identical emails to customers, it can set off a fun rejection knee-jerk reaction from hosts like, aol and other very popular emails. Basically I can be conversing with someone and meanwhile sending out form-reply emails to customers and wham - suddenly the person I was conversing back and forth doesn't get any of my emails.

In the past sometimes they've gotten through (months even!) later. Sometimes just gone. Phhhtpt!

So once again, if you've written me and never got and answer, please please do try again. They get to me. I just need to reply back from the pita browser email ( is my browser email right now). Aaaaaaand I made a post a few years back on how to use my blog (since I made itn so that comments posted are moderator 'approve' only, so can be private) too incase emails just outrihgt bounce when coming in to me. Here's that old post;

And now to make this fun, something utterly hilarious I think. What the heck is going on at that farm... you think Dell ("Belle"?) the horse maybe is tranq'ed? (wow!)

Ps, I still need to post some fun pics about my vacation last week (soon to be MIL, my fiance's motherm, flew us down to Tampa for her wedding). How could you turn down an all expenses paid trip this time of year! I envy those of you who live down there ... well right now I do - lol! :) I'll get them off of my cell phone soon. I didn't dare travel with my camera, can't afford to break it and I drop things (especially when there's things like sand to drop into!). ;)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

"Iaret" video now (and some others) :)

Well you tube isn't exactly hidden so I just told my group that this might as well go here also. More fun than one person should be having on a rainy Sunday. :)

Also, some videos I said I'd share of striking out horses. These were just ones I'd originally found and saved after a discussion ages ago with friends on the various ways a horse can strike out (head tucked low, rearing, etc etc.). I think my most successful search keywords were "horse introduction" (which also, if I recall correctly, lead to some breeding videos so watch out!).

There were more but they're gone. I'm sure that's plenty. :D

Ok, well that's probably going to be it for a WHILE for me here.. I've got so much to catch up on offline and via the yahoogroup. I'm still waiting for an email with a good photo of my friend's baby from the last post.. I used their cameras (well took photos and video for them - egads, eh? After everyone just witnessed my video skills here?). Anyhow, I'll just tuck a photo of a full term baby there in THAT post whenever it comes. Poor guys there are soooo busy. :D Yay for newborns!! :D

Saturday, January 16, 2010

And now for a sneak peek... :)

I've promised my yahoogroup members that info on her sales will be limited to them at first but you can always join to learn more and see the final photos (whenever those might be done - argh!) sooner there;

I will probably need to post a video here if I can swing creating it... I have a little turntable thingie that's perfect for the job!! :D

Friday, January 15, 2010

[new!] Life interrupting! :)

(see bolded update below!)

My best friend is currently trying to squeeze that little blob out...! Eee! (can you see her face??? Isn't it amaaaazing how they can get that now on these??!).

So while my plans for the day HAD been to finally get my own new gal (arab sculpture) all sprayed up nice and share her finally with you... well sorry..!! my best friend has something much more important to share! :D This blob (as yet unnamed) was actually the biggest reason we chose not to move until Spring when we decided to move last fall.

Soooo we shall see..

Contractions 10min apart right now..

(LATER ON UPDATE) Forgive me for not having pictures to share (not sure she'd want to outside of her facebook anyhow)... but she had her baby girl @ 7:33pm! A beautiful healthy baby - 8lbs even, 16 inches. And she made it look easy man.... and I immediately burst into tears. (rolls eyes).. I've seen dogs, cats, goats, cows and horses give birth live and I've never cried like that. Crazy species specific mom hormones must come flying out with those babies, I swear! Anyhow, I'm beat, (as if I did anything) but well there ya go. Can't think of anything more to say about it except <> :D

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Totally eeeee!!! :D

I've only got a couple of minor veins and a signature to go here on my arab mare. It's like stars and moons are coming together!!! Yipee!! I found some great (and topical!) books on tape to listen to of late (Elizabeth Peter's "Vicky Bliss" series if anyone's interested in that sort of thing..), makes me far less twitchy when sitting all day to have something I like to listen to on rather than the radio (commericals & same songs at the same time all day) or TV (ditto on the redundancy). So diving into a great new book on tape (cd) and the last leg of a project really is fun. And then further miracles happened when my backordered camera battery recharger came in (2 weeks early!) today and thus I can use my new (to me used) camera - woohoo!!! :) And so it looks like tomorrow I may very well be able to even take some pictures!! (or Friday.. I do work a few hours tomorrow too).

So I'm pretty excited over here. And hoooopefully with the new (used but new to me) camera I'll be taking more pics more often too so these blog posts won't be so dang boring!

That is all for now.. tomorrow I may be spraying her with her final coating. Eeee!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hehe! I made this!!!

I have to confess.. I have a lunchtime "hobby" of scrolling through lol-dogs at lunch to caption them. I think the dogs are even funnier than the cats sometimes. Thing is, I don't have a penchant for lol-speak. I've tried.. it comes out lame. But LOOK! :D

One of em made it to today's captions!! :D For those who wish to join me in my really really trivial hobby; lots of fun pics to caption there.

And now back to my regularly scheduled program here...

Friday, January 1, 2010

My God, it's full of stars!

(well someone HAD to say it no???)

Happy New Years Guys!!

(and belatedly Merry Christmas too) :)

I've been extremely productive lately and this interspersed with getting a lot of items mailed out and catching up on correspondence. My arabian mare "Iaret" is getting the last of her details as I type nearly (epoxie is firming and awaiting me to go back and press in some details)..

I am still quite behind on my correspondence however.. if you've asked a question and I haven't replied, please don't hesitate to resend. I'm going backwards through emails when I take studio breaks here! In the meantime though, I thought I ought to at least acknowledge that I'm alive and well over here and gearing up to show off some new stuff soon!

Here's to a whole new decade of new and exciting things to come, eh?! Cheers all!!! :D