About Me

I can’t remember when I wasn’t drawing, painting, or up to my elbows in clay, nor can I remember a time in my life when I wasn’t obsessed with horses.

I’ve been very fortunate to have a family that both encouraged and taught art in collegiate and private settings. My grandfather (on mother's side) was a lead repoussé sculptor who taught in all media from his studio. Here I was encouraged to work in everything from pottery to stained glass. My father was a commercial sculptor who worked full time and freelance for companies such as Coleco, Olin Ski, Disney and Hasbro. In the studios of Coleco or in his home studio I watched my father work on tight deadline projects and probably developed an inherent approach to developing form without even realizing it. I now notice how the tools I chose and approaches I take often remind me of watching him work. Suffice to say that growing up I was extremely lucky to have some amazing studios and a wide variety of media to work in, as well as of course to have their wonderful guidance.
Initially I did not pursue art as a full time career, going into the field of biotechnology instead. I’ve always done freelance artwork part time however, from portrait commissions in ink to magazine illustrations. After college I began to do some computer art and graphic design and formed my business “One Horse Productions” for web sites and printed advertising. However soon after this I discovered the invention of two part hardening epoxy clays and eagerly returned to the more traditional art form of sculpting by hand. A sampling of my other work in various media can be found here.

As for horses, from the earliest possible age I found ways to work off lessons and eventually buy and care for my first horse at age 15. I’ve also been able to have a wide range of experiences as a working student and groom for eventing and dressage instructors, retraining some horses for their owners and giving trail rides. I’ve also operated a small boarding stable to help provide for my own thoroughbred that I’d bred, raised and trained.