Friday, January 13, 2012

A nice surprise!

This is where galleries really are something artists need - they help promote you and I really fail in the self-promotion dept... in fact in person I often start to get nervous talking about my work & will start to criticize it. Which in any sales gets ya pulled from the floor so to speak! I watch my friends skillfully use these adjectives in describing their work & I try but I just feel unconfortable using them - I'm pretty practical and pragmatic. "This is my art, hope you like it." " Yes, I use a lot of video/photo & real life reference animals to study to create them." (omg there is sooo much there I could elaborate on that someone might be interested in hearing... & yet? I clam up. I babble enough at other times mind you... [headdeskbangbang] and another recent answer "I had some college & private education in art & anatomy, yes.". (So self promotion "fail" - I have to ask/beg/plead & happily pay people to write things for me all the time).

Incidentally, this is in part why I love my unpainted artist resin collector customers - they require "only the facts mam!". (Course when I was trading services with a friend who wrote/posted ads more often & promoted me more verbosely than I would ever dream of? .. yeah... my business sales doubled.... & well there's a big lesson in that that's not lost on me!).

Anyhow, so I knew there was a listing in the town event in The Pilot about my upcoming workshop.. but I was tickled to get this in my in box today! I don't live in that region so I hope to pick up a copy for my scrapbook I'm starting. Jane, the Hollyhocks Gallery owner, is truly gifted at presentation in all ways! It's a rare talent amongst artists - this is why we REALLY turn to gallery owners... and with that, back to sculpting for me today! ;)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Forced to make dog sketches today...

Today I sat very still & had a hot pad on my neck because I woke up a bit crooked & couldn’t do much else. My surge protector/battery backup pack went all wonky too so that helped to force me to force myself to turn off the box & not to try to type over at the desk.

So while sitting very still I was forced to observe the dogs… and set about getting myself a drawing arrangement I could manage in my contorted state. Artists just can’t be thwarted.

Thus I give you these 2 pages; sketches of scenes from this morning. The subjects are Butterbean (the collie cross) and Ray Ray (the black lab cross). Mostly Butterbean because she is taller & stayed within sight of me. Ray spent a lot of time in the hallway where I couldn’t see him.

It’s fun & hard to sketch action from life. Especially when the play only lasts a second. Normally I don’t spend hours trying though, good exercise! I really want to sculpt Butterbean one of these days as she’s really melodramatic & expressive… a true southern belle! When I have a bigger workspace. There's another work I'd like to make a bit bigger (I'm all about big works but it's been a while since I've had a chance to - can you tell I'm chomping at the bit here? lol!).

My range of motion has returned enough tonight to type. We hiked today but I made my fiance hold both dogs this time. ;) As you can see they can be rambunctious. ;)