Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sculptures from 2016!

I'm quite overdue to share some horses I sculpted, released and even had in a major museum exhibit show in 2016

There were probably 3 major works wrapped up that I'll share and leave it at that.

First off, since most here are collectors; my newest sculpture for Breyer, "True North".  The first color released will be this eye catching overo silver (I do hope I have that right?) by Stephanie Michaud!    However I don't have a great photo of that outside of the renewal notice BUT... more recently they also shared there will be 25 raffle models made on this new sculpture mold of mine for Breyerfest.  Those, this bay-like dark buckskin with the single belly spot, will be raffled off on Sunday.  SUPER stoked about his color there - AND gang, I am fairly sure you are seeing the actual plastic model in those photos so I will share those first:
pretty faithful reproduction from what I can tell so far... the shoes look good for instance, I can see some details I sculpted into the neck are crisp and clear! :)
What we will get in the next month or so (I hope!) ... always an anxious time for me, waiting to hear what folks really think when they have them in hand.  Well and to see if much has changed.  I want to eventually, soon, do a post on how sculpture changes in various media - bronze, to ceramic.  Nothing earth shattering about how it translates to plastic but casual observations.
NEXT... omg how I could NOT share Tetradrachm last year.  I guess the fall got pretty full and then things with dad started to happen.  

Tetradrachm was on display at Breyerfest 97% complete maybe but I wrapped him up in Oct.  Owing to how busy I was already planning to be before things went south, I already decided to make him a longer edition than I typically do (normally I do 3-6months now I think).  Anyhow, THIS time I decided to go for a full year.  Well anyhow, he's cruising along well. I  will share a couple, including one customized by Mindy Berg because I want people always to know I waive VARA on resins (and I really don't mind customizations).  It's always good to ask of course, someday I might sculpt something that I'm contractually limited on more but for myself, I simply do not mind.

I call him Mr T because his name is long and complicated:

Tetradrachm has a webpage you can order from here;

I've been sending him around to shows and he's picked up NAN cards at every stop so far. I had planned to proxy him at NAN this year but since it's been cancelled I will probably sell him before then, we'll see. I'm going to keep shipping him around the country I think however so he gets seen. 

Then before things got crazy last fall I was honored to have a new work, in a newer style to me selected as part of this;
The exhibit was from October to January.  There is a very large file catalogue on the website, or you can see the amazing work here;
The Houston Museum of Science is one of the bigger ones I've been to,  ( if you're interesting) and honestly I would have liked a second day to spend exploring some of the really fascinating exhibits.  I'm not sure what's permanent but it was amazing to be a part of in any way.

I uploaded the coolest 360 interactive viewer from there, lets see if I can embed that here for posterity;

We didn't make it for the SAA opening this time but were able to make a long overdue vacation of it. I don't think we've taken a vacation that length and variety in over a decade, other than traveling home for holidays.   It was warm though, even in September!

This 3rd accepted entry in one of the Society of Animal Artists Annual Exhibition promoted me from Associate member to Signature member which in and of itself is a huge honor.  Much like my other signature member organization I belong to, the Academy of Equine Art, these letters literally can be used in my signature; as in Morgen Kilbourn, S.A.A..  And also I can put A.A.E.A as well, so S.A.A., A.A.E.A I believe with a comma between is how it's written?  I'm not really sure of all the rules that accompany post nominal letters BUT I will say that I'm quite humbled to realize that a few of my earliest and fondest equine artist heroes have used both organizations in their signature.  I have seen these letters early on on sculpture signatures and wondered what that must be like.  It's and interesting place to be. I often still have to remind myself to sign my work (and put chestnuts on.. not kidding at all regarding either and I worry what age is going to bring next.. ears?  oh yes right!). ;)  I may very well revert to my MK logo stamp however for the most part.   Although I'm not doing myself any favors, there are a LOT of sculptors with those initials. :)

Ok, well enough waxing philosophical... there is much more I need to catch up on here on this blog but another day. I hope to make this a habit this year.  I've got excitement in works in the studio, of many media types!  Back to it for me tonight...trying to catch up!  More soon...


timaru star ii said...

Super Congratulations!! and thanks so much for sharing. I love that Mr Tetra. What I most love, Morgen, is your humanity. Keep up the good work.

Morgen said...

That's high praise coming from you Sue thank you very much.