Monday, February 14, 2011

Portrait of a studio dog...

This is my fiance's Valentine's Day present. That's why I was surfing through those photos & videos of her last week. I clearly like to leave things till the last possible second... literally giving myself just a day to do this - eep! Adrenaline junkie issues aside, I was thinking how ironic it is
that techniques used to finish my resins have improved my flatwork more than classes in college had.

Mind you I still don't like my flatwork. This is why I stopped doing portraits and illustration a LONG time ago. But the hair ticking effect here. I've always liked to utilize short-lines or stippling techniques but I dunno.. I just didn't like how I did it. Today I like how this came out more - especially around the whisker bed and planes of her cheekbones.

That said I will NOT like this work tomorrow. Sincerely this is how I roll. Almost all of my flat art is tucked up and away in these portfolios. The only stuff that's "out" is stuff that's too big to tuck away - ha! :D

Being an artist is blessing and curse at times. I've been reflecting on that a great deal lately. It's a love-hate relationship like nothing else. A form of narcissism wrapped up in self-loathing! No truly, look up the mental illness of "perfectionism" and you'll see that last sentence essentially is what it means & why so many artists are insane... ! ;)

I personally think we're compelled to whip things off the easel and toss them to the floor in disgust for a reason, a form of personal growth obsession that's warped terrifically out of control - especially since there truly is no right and wrong in the end.

Must have a great sense of humor to handle it. And a great significant other around to tolerate ya!! <3 Happy Valentines Day Guys!!

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