Friday, February 11, 2011

Studio dogs are good for mental health.

They really are. Well any indoor pet of course but in my opinion dogs with their uninhibited glee most especially!

Sure yes there is the potential for hair to find it’s way into things... But that said, all that they say about pets lowering blood pressure and stimulating alpha waves or whatever.. so true. Plus they “live in the moment”. They just remind you to seize the moment and experience joy where ever, when ever you can.

Seizing the moment today to appreciate some things that really really make me happy too. This was from Christmas time I believe and I just found it last night (hadn’t even watched it after shooting). Had to settle for free music off of my machine (well not really, I could’ve bought a track from Amazon for $1 but it’s not about the music for me so much – just the freedom to express your emotion with passion!). I put it on my facebook profile but it’ll be hard for me to ever find there again so I’m sharing it here where I can wax philosophical too (all corny & windbag style!), about the joy of not holding back expression. YAY!

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