Thursday, July 7, 2011

Just About Horses write up :)

I was extremely flattered when Michele asked me to do this interview! I've been meaning to post it as I know at least one of the owners of some of these horses probably doesn't get this magazine. Off to share this with them now! :)
(and now we know why I spent all that time a few months back trying to take a photograph of myself... how funny that the pony and foal are vastly different looking now of course but I wanted something newer there to share!)

I believe that should enlarge enough for you to read it if you click on it.

And I giggle to see my name next to Van Gogh!

So not much else I'm willing to share at the moment but pretty exciting I thought!
PS - I'm really looking forward to seeing a lot of you next week!


Michele Katz said...

Yay, Morgen! Was so happy to be able to get you featured before the publication ends!


Morgen said...

I sure appreciate it chica! I need to hire you to write more for me. You really did an amazing job with my babble (distilling it). ;) Tx!!!

Kelly's Studio said...

Congratulations Morgen!!

Celeste said...

Morgen, I loved seeing the article featuring your talent in Just About Horses and I had meant to write you before, but any way - congratulations - belated as they may be. Have fun at Breyerfest, too!

Celeste said...
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Andrea said...

Yippeee!! That is wonderful!!
-Andrea :)

Morgen said...

Thank you again guys!