Monday, July 18, 2011

One big little inspiration today...! :)

Today's inspiration: Patrick!! :)

I've just returned from nearly a week of horsie immersion at Breyerfest which is held at the Kentucky Horse Park every July. This actually isn't what inspires me so much as seeing vast amounts of artwork at the park. And so many accomplishments of all types .. well just period! :D There's something just so wonderfully rejuvenating about seeing great things done, be it a trick rider or a canvas that's amazingly detailed!

More reports over time I guess. It was so great to see so many folks but I regret there being so little time to visit long enough! :( At least next year will be a few more days with NAN. This year I also tried to get some sleep... since last year it became unfun being so overtired. It's cruel when that energy of youth fades & we require things like square meals and sleep. Hrmph...

Back to this topic though! So on my facebook page I try to share whenever I find something that grabs me & inspires me with a little "today's inspiration" link usually... Today I'm going to share a real big (little) ;) inspiration to me that's lighting a fire under my fanny...!

Patrick the miniature horse (and his wonderful owners) were SO extremely helpful to me at the Kentucky Horse Park, they get a whole blog post of inspiration due to their humoring me (us really, Maggie Bennett was with me snapping away too!). Sarah had Patrick hold the pose of my mini pony sculpture "Kipling" so that I could get a bunch of shots of his muzzle and eyes (so nice and tidy too!) from all angles. Thus far to date the mini photos I have cover the eyes up with hair so this is a real gem for me. AND I just need to leave the bags and boxes here packed for a half a day while I go off and sculpt this for a little bit.... ;) My favorite kind of inspiration...

Thank you Patrick and Sarah (and Jessica too!!) Please visit/friend them on FB by clicking here

Clearly I'm not meant to be a photographer and that's JUST fine. The details show up here, at least on my screen (no no worries - proportionally I know this photo isn't so helpful!) ;)... somehow I'd set my camera settings wrong but the monochromatic views as a result are very intensely contrasty - perfect for sculpting! Just gotta go do it... On that note, enough typing too! :D

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Sarah Schaaf and Patrick said...

We are SO happy that Patrick could be such a help to your wonderful sculpture. We can't wait to see it finished. :)